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Feature film - Horror-Adventure

Four friends race against the tide in a bay famous for its quicksands,

but a lurking threat will aggravate the situation.


Timing is everything when it comes to avoiding the treacherous tide

in the Mont Saint Michel bay, in French Normandy.

Two British couples will learn this the hard way,

when they decide to cross the sandy bay without a professional guide.

Quicksands, heavy wind and darkness make matters worse.

But an unexpected dangers aggravate the situation.

The bay seems to host a ghostly "presence",

and their friend Charlotte does not seem to be on their side.


"Tide" is a feature film (82 minutes) shot on location in the bay of

Mont Saint Michel (Normandy, France) and in Margate (Kent, UK).

It is a "horror-adventure film with a visual poetic touch. 

The film builds up on the anxiety and tension, and plays with our imagination rather than relying on gore or jump scares.

It was shot in a "naturalistic" way with a skeleton crew, to keep the magic of isolation and respect the pristine environment.

All shootings in the bay were supervised by a professional guide, as the tide and quicksands are actual dangers. Every year, tourists need to be rescued due to lack of awareness of the local dangers.

"Tide" is now looking for a partner for distribution,

contact us to discuss potential collaboration

[berty @]

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