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Les Ficelles - short

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Short films

Independent Filmmaking


We create independent films driven by one ambition: Entertain our viewers.

So far we created 3 feature films (in English), and one play (in French).

We are currently working on our next project, a horror film about

an unhealthy competition between brothers who used to be siamese twins.

Contact us to discuss investment opportunities!

"Tide" is our latest production, we are now discussion distribution opportunities.

More information here


Roller Squad

"Roller Squad" is a low budget action-thriller film set in London.


A man hunt on roller skates to catch a dangerous killer who threatens the skating community.

"Roller Squad" is available on multiple platforms (Apple TV, Tubi, Vimeo etc.)

More information here

Art Ache

"Art Ache" is a romantic comedy about a shy accountant (David Wayman) who pretends to be an artist in order to seduce a French creative girl (Sharlit Deyzac).


Art Ache is represented by Shoreline Entertainment, and is available on Amazon Prime, Tubi,

and multiple platforms worldwide.

Short Films

Belle! Phone Zombie Repellent

"Les Ficelles"

"Pursonal Space"

Music Video - Franc Moody

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