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Feedback on "Keep Moving" 

This video was released on Mental Health Awareness day.

Its objective is to encourage viewers to "keep moving",

by highlighting the benefits of regular exercise.

The video was filmed at the Excel London in August 2023 

Featured video - "Keep Moving"

with Hugh Harper

Many viewers had a very emotional reaction to the video.


Fight Klub has been one of our fist client,

we have been producing some content for them since 2017


Client: Fight Klub

Client: Abbey Road Studios (Universal)

The legendary recording studios in London

need to showcase

the musicians recording in their premises

along with the skills of their sound engineers


Client: Pink Mobility

Pink Mobility is a leader in electric scooters in France.

They have been using Sea Urchin Films 

as their exclusive video content creator since their creation in 2017


Client: Queen Mary University

English teacher Chris Searle and some of his former students

return to their old school in London’s East End

to tell the remarkable story of Stepney Words, 

the 1971 collection of student poems that made national news,

and to work with a new generation of young Stepney poets.



Full documentary

Other projects

Smaller teams are more agile, size matters. 

We work fast, because you want this video delivered yesterday

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