Belle! is a short film

written and directed by Berty Cadilhac


Natasha Moore - Presenter

Sharlit Deyzac - Escalator Zombie

Louis Bernard - Distracted Friend

Charlie Kerson - Walking Zombie

Berty Cadilhac - Carriage Zombie

Georgina Field - Collision Lady

Because every 22 seconds, someone dies or is injured due to the epidemic of Phone Zombie.

Belle! is not a product.

We don't sell Belle!

If you need a bell, just buy one.

Any regular bell can work as a Phone Zombie Repellent.

No there's no App.

It's the R&D brains of Sea Urchin Films

All our brightest talents work there

France 5 joins the fight against phone zombies!

2,200,000 views on Creapills!

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